Tuesday, 1 December 2009

And I thought New York was cold.

Tonight I didn't stay in for diner. Instead I took a trip out into the winter air. A it frustrated at first since I wasn't able to find out where I was going. The shoes on my feet started hurting the ball of my foot. I was in a bitchy frame of mind.

There's really no need for a sad face. My buddy Will Cameron is coming to London soon. Looking forward to relaxing with him and playing songs. This saturday I'm scheduled to go into the studio with Nitin Sawhney. Until then I'll just create tunes as much as I can without any windows.

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  1. "But in general we ought always to be telling ourselves that, inevitably, at certain times and in certain circumstances nature will not consult us; that we must take her as she is and not as we fancy her to be..."