Sunday, 6 December 2009

Flying Back To New York City

Moving house is always an chore. Luckily, the flat that I have rented is worth it. It's a shame I wont be able to enjoy the space for a month, since I'm flying to New York tomorrow evening. While in New York I plan to have a few live performances recorded and edit the footage and post it on my website.

Friday I was informed that I missed a recording session. BIG MISUNDERSTANDING!
Aside from that I spent the following two days attending a diner party for Daisy Lowe and Company, partying with members of the Portico Quartet, jamming with Jamie Woon, and witnessing the sun rise all in the same matter of time.

At Daisy's diner I heard something about the moon being punctured and how they named it after Sean's Dad.
All a bit confusing. Perhaps I should do some research on what exactly is going on. It was nice to see Will. He's been on tour with Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
That night at diner that lamb was superb and I honestly think that was my first tie having it. We all sat on the blankets and sheets as if it was a night time pic nic.
After diner friends began to leave and I found myself prancing around in a two two along with Daisy, DucksFlyMoon, and everyone else. All My Single Ladies

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