Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is my older brother

There was a gathering in memory of John Lennon at Glasslands a few hours ago. When I walked in it resembled a scene out of "Short Bus" (minus the public sex). There was a string trio to stage right, keyboard,drummer,bass,and guitar were all present. The lighting was minimal and the audience was reverberating with the joy of yesterday. The atmosphere was alive. Landing in New York just a few hours ago it just so happened that I bumped into my dear friend, Miles benjamin Anthony Robinson.
Standing on the stairs leading to the bathroom, I could spot him within the crowd. I was so glad to see him! It had been at least 4 months since our last interaction. I was scheduled to go on tour, playing violin with his ensemble, but piles of opportunity with my solo work began to take a front seat.
I first worked with Miles back in 2007, thanks to Kyp. I was busking in Williamsburg and Kyp had me come in and play violin on a album he was in the studio producing. The album turned out to be for Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson.
Miles is a great art that has his own distinct voice. His recordings will be something "music fans" will talk about for years to come. I'm pretty sure that when we are all dead Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson will have a slew of cover bands attempting to give us their best renditions of Burriedfed.
Love you Miles

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