Saturday, 19 December 2009

New York To Florida

The plan is to take the train and go down to Florida.
Looking forward to seeing y family. Many things to talk about. There wont be snow but at least they'll be a great vibe in the air. The Holiday's have never been some grand event in my eyes.

Taking the train from New York to Deland should be an experience. The Landscape. Man oh Man!. So sweet. Hopefully, it wont be an experience to forget. It could be because I've never taken a train along the East Coast before. Hell.

No worries. I'll be sure to document bits and pieces of the journey. First things first, lets see if the trains haven't cancelled operation due to the "The Winter Storm".

I've been working on the lyrics of a possible song to add to my list of creations. I'm always redressing the vocals in various tones and timbres. I know to stick to what I know so I'm sure I wont stray away from what i know. LOL. Lately, I've been getting into the home recording process(thanks to having my own computer). The trick is to find the right space by which to do it in.

I'm thinking that on the train ride I'll have some time to sit and listen back to the audio and work on the levels and what not. Looking forward to getting back to New York and recording with my buddies scattered around Brooklyn.

While in New York discovered a sample pad sitting on a book shelf. Wish I would have had a few more days to test it out. I think it's Joe's or Will's. Not to worry, there will be time after the Christmas Holiday to tinker around with it. My buddy Will Cameron is producing a few tracks for various artist and I'm sure that when January arrives we'll have some time to tinker with my songs and add some strong percussive accompaniments. William Cameron is the bomb. Also scheduled to practice with Holly Miranda and play a show in January. Stay posted to get the updates.

-Marques Toliver

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