Thursday, 11 March 2010

Charter Magic


A man and a woman came down to the waterfall, waterfall.
Or so the story goes
They were made from the light of history.
The Ancients made it so.

I'm on a journey so the land that has my soul.
I'm on a journey to a place I've never known

They walked through the fire.
Turned into the lion to have the dream.
Our power is many. We live in the valley.
We made the key to help you on your...

journey to the land that has your soul.
Journey to the land you've never known.

This spell was made so long ago, long ago
The magic is so very old, very it made me who I am.

I'm on a journey to the land that has my soul.
I'm on a journey to a land I've never known.

Made from white fire. My spirit has left the floor.
You can not find me cause I"m on a different level than yours.
Catch me if you can, if you can. I'm a free magic soul.
You can't bind, scry for me, exorcise me.
I"m no demon, oh no.

lyrics by Marques Toliver

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