Friday, 12 March 2010

The Fame Monster will make itself clear!


The nature of the beast. Why do we seek the monster called fame? Is it not enough to witness the deaths created by the creature? It gradually attacks our immunities, making it more difficult to recover from the attacks. The strength within The Fame Monster deceives it's unsuspecting host. When resting the being can stop at nothing to distance you from your goal. Allowing the Fame Monster into your thoughts will give way to a decomposition of your foundation. Resisting the creatures needs and forging one's own magic can serve as your only tool.

1 comment:

  1. at last some sense! Now apply that keen intellect of yours to your choices of what you let into that sponge like foundation of yours.
    There is a scale. Lady G and her like are in the belly of the monster -- Beyonce falls somewhere in the middle -- classical music/classics somewhere near the top. Its not my theory, its the theory of evolution or something. Its a natural hierarchy, i'm not imposing it.