Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Close to your audience

photo by Jimena Roquero

I was crossing the street to Bedford.  I had just left one of my music producer's/ friends house asking about fiddle players and I saw you across the street.  But funny enough that was not what my first thought was.  I'm in the middle of recording an EP and though I play live frequently with or without other band members, I've never really busked.  Last night I left an open mic around midnight and kept turning over a new song in my head and before I knew it I'd unpacked my guitar and ukulele and was playing.  It was a better experience than I'd anticipated.  People listened, really listened, and I grew a bit of that kind of confidence you need for playing in that very close to your audience, IN your audience.  

And I couldn't even hear you today before I knew I wanted to kind of pay it forward and cross the street to give you a dollar back that I'd made last night.  But after I walked away I started realizing how absolutely beautiful the music was you were making and though I really wanted to turn around and talk with you, I didn't.  I'm just glad as I leaned in to tuck your dollar under (something I learned from last night as I discovered the trains have the unconscionable power to blow your money away) I noticed your name.  
Now after looking you up, it may be naive of me to say this but, I'd love to work with you.  I have this little EP I'm working on in Bushwick at The Brooklyn Tea Party and it's a bit dark and soulful and a bit country and lyrical and it hopefully somehow makes sense.  The first track on my myspace Never Enough will be on it.  I'll tell you upfront, if you would even consider this I can offer you 40 dollars for two hours to come and hang out in the studio and try out some stuff. I know it's not much but can only afford to do this project on a shoe-string, and I'm coming close to the end.  I've been working now for months but my producer leaves for tour soon so I'd like to have it all completed over the next two and a half weeks.  Is there any chance you'd consider me?

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