Monday, 20 September 2010

I walked into a magical place,


After a long day of gigs I went to a late night cafe to rest my mind. It was sort of a small place from the outside and very ornamental. Instruments lined the walls along with pictures from the past. I saw I violin positioned on one of the walls. I asked the store owner about the violin and questioned about who use to play that particular. He told me it was a relative of his,an uncle I believe. The violin looked very strong and well aged. The store owner told me that his uncle would play the violin everywhere he went. That was something I could relate to since I take my violin with me everywhere. 

That night I had just played a gig at the Vintage Emporium, located on Brick Lane. The  Brick Lane gig served as my last gig before I left for New York. After the show Kevin Morosky tagged along and we made our way to the cafe. From the outside one could see brass containers displayed in the in the window of the shop and outside there was and old New York City taxi parked nearby. I had always passed by this place on the bus and had always wanted to go inside, that night I did.  

Upon chatting with the employees I mustered up some courage to playa few songs then and there. Little did I know the customers and store owners would give me their full attention. I also had the opportunity to chat with fellow musician Vanessa, but you all known her as V.V. Brown.

photo by Kevin Morosky

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