Sunday, 17 October 2010

Marques Toliver Plays the Oxjam Music Festival

October 23
The Vibe Bar (Brick Lane)

Marques Toliver is playing the Oxjam Brick Lane take over.
Playing on Brick Lane will be nothing different than what I normally do out there. This time I'll have a proper stage and sound equipment. The other acts that are playing are friends of mine. The acts include

Gerardo Cetta,Flux,Liam Baiely,Caroline Weeks,and Marques Toliver
D.j. Dave the Lazy Technician 
Flux are building a reputation for truly original trans-global music that could only be made in a city like London. With instruments ranging from the Indian Bansuri to the Double Bass to dirty synths, this band is brand spanking new and full of surprises. 

Gerardo Cetta

Liam Baiely
Caroline Weeks

D.J. Dave The Lazy Technician

Marques Toliver
Marques Toliver from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

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