Monday, 25 October 2010

Oxjam Leadenhall Market Takeover (London)


(Bus ride to Brick Lane)


Saturday I played the Oxjam Music Festival. Wasn't far from home ,took the busdownto Brick Lane.The Oxjam Music Festival raises money for Oxfam, a charity.
I had been asked to play the event and was given the opportunity to curate a stage. A lot of my friends pulled through and performed their music on stage. The line included Gerardo Cetta,Amber Williams,Ray Edwards,Jospeh Reuben,Caroline Weeks,and myself. 

     The day started with a session on a old London bus. Oxjam rigged a bus that would drive around with passengers listening to live music. I played about three songs. Now I can add old-school english bus to my resume of venues I've played. The bus began its special route and picked up the contest winners from a radio show. Playing violin on a bus was like riding a horse. Video will be posted of the performance soon.

Around 2pm I headed to the Vibe Bar to start sound checks for the acts I had gathered. By 2:30pm the show had begun. I was particularly pleased that Joseph Rueben decided to play. You can check out his music here on sound cloud.object height="225" width="100%">

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