Monday, 18 October 2010

Sound Check : Later on Jools Holland

Today was the sound check for the Jools Holland show. I had known about this gig for at least five days. My management called and told me that there would be a possibility of auditioning to be on the show.  That in itself is something that normally doesn't happen at the BBC studios. Normally, the music producers of the show reach out to artists they'd like to have on the show. A few days later I was informed that soundcheck for the show would be on Monday. I was totally excited and eager to make my appearance on the show.
     The day of the audition I spoke with one of the head guys that would determine if I would play the show or not. He seemed pretty casual and nonchalant when I arrived.  I plugged in my violin, adjusted the microphone stand and started singing "White Sails". I could have probably given myself some time to warm up my voice but I managed to finish the song without embarrassing myself. LOL. Next I sang "Charter Magic". By that time my voice had gained a presence.I must admit I tried to keep a sense of calmness around me as I was a little intimidated by the whole thing, yet happy that it was happening to me. I had only read an e-mail that afternoon saying that I would be playing at the studio later that day.With that said the performance will air this Friday. I know that I sent a tweet saying it would be Tuesday, but I misinformed you.Because I was so eager to tell everyone the news. I will be filming my performance tomorrow, but it will not air until Friday. As you know,Later with Jools Holland airs twice a week. First is the 30 minute show on Tuesday and again with the extended version on Friday.

 This afternoon, i took a taxi to the BBC studios for a sound check and when I arrived Duffy was already onstage with her band. Sitting down at one of the tables I saw a familiar face within Duffy's line up. It was Jamie, a percussionist I met earlier that year.  I first met, Jamie earlier this year when I was recording "White Sails." I gave him a hug briefly and before I knew it I was standing in the middle of the set about to do a sound check. Nerves got the best of me for a little bit. forcing notes out instead of letting them roll on out. By the time I did the performance a 3rd time I found my groove.Tomorrow I have to report to the studio to do some camera stuff. Looking forward to seeing Cheryl Crow. She went to School to be a music teacher.
photos by Me (Marques Toliver)


  1. brilliant news! can't wait to see the performance!

  2. So exciting, Congratulations!

  3. You were truly wonderful, I was moved to tears watching your performance just now on catch up TV. The sound of your vocals is breathtaking and so soulful. Jamie, is my friend's brother so I can imagine is was great to see such a friendly familiar face! I am so excited to hear more of your music!