Monday, 14 March 2011

Last night's gig at Favela Chic.

Last night I played a low key gig at Favela Chic. The guys over at OneTaste organised the night. If you aren't familiar with OneTatse I'll try and fill you in. The collective brings together artists scattered around London. The shows usually run as follows,  a hand full of musicians on one bill along with poets comedians. The audience is always filled with music lovers waiting to get inside. It helps to book your tickets in advance so that you get a good seat/table. 

The gig at Favela Chic, last night, served as the begining of the new season for OneTaste. The line up consisted of 

Dougie Hasting

Tanya Auclair

MC Angel

The Bonfire Band
(Me) Marques Toliver 


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