Saturday, 14 May 2011

Day 2 in Holland

Den Haag
Sitting in the hotel room. Just played the Walk the Line Music Festival in Den Haag. "picked up so new phrases" The day started with some breakfast at the hotel and a ride to the train station. Once in Den Haag I made my way over to the production office to pick up wrist bands. While in Amsterdam I heard so wonderful musicianship from the buskers near the side of the station. We could only communicate with one another in Broken English but it didn't matter. We were both intrigued by one another. They wanted to know what instruments I had with me and I wanted to have a better listen to the music their colleagues were playing.

In Den Haag they feed the artist and gave us drinks. Can't complain one bit. You could even smoke in the green room. 

The first show was outside at the square. People were seated at the tables listening to the acts. I could see a young boy with his elder. The adult was explaining to the child what the violin was. As time goes on I'm trying more and more to observe what's going on in the audience. Feeling out my territory, somewhat.

After the gig I made my way back over to the production house to meet with a journalist.Sat upstairs in the kitchen to do the interview for Glamcult. There's going to be a write up in the magazine next month. After the conversation we walked to the venue for my next gig.  Upon arrival we walked up a narrow staircase to the roof of the venue so that we could do the photo shoot.The sun was setting around that time and we made the most of the sunlight. Once the session was over it was time to go down stairs and relax in the green room until show time. The audience was very tentative all I could see where their eyes. 
This was my first gig in the Netherlands and it could n't have gone any better. The day was jammed packed with things to do. Catching trains, spending time in cafes, and making connections through music. 

(Super Markt)

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