Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Day 2 of the Camden Crawl.

Day 1 of Camden Crawl began with a bus ride to Kentish Town. From there I walked to the Bull and Gate to pick my artist pass. Unfortunately, the Bull and Gate wasn't the right location. Upon arrival the bar looked as if no one was inside. Luckily, with some perseverance and help from the organisers, I managed to get into the pub. An old man opens the door and with a bit of surprise. In the back room was the stage manager sitting at the table reading the newspaper that had William and Catherine on the cover. After a little bit of banter back and forth  on the walkey talky, we find that the passes are actually at the Round House. 

A sunny stroll to Chalk Farm and everything panned out. Found the woman in charge (Stephanie) and managed to squeeze in a line check. Delta Maid was also there with a bit a of a new line up. I first met the band last year at The Elgin. Interesting how gigging throughout London one starts recognising all the musicians in the community.

Since I never bring any jack leads with me to a show I had to have the sound engineer manufacture a jack lead for my violin and auto-harp. During the performance my the speakers crackle here and there just because of how the cables were set up. In the future I have to invest in some proper cables.
(Jack Leads)

My managers showed up to the gig and they listened to my set. The sun was out and the entire terrace was filled with people sitting on the steps and chairs. I played about a hand full of songs. The People that lived in the flats across the street stood on their balconies and listend to my set. It helped having them across the street cause I just tried to focus my attention to those of in the distance. Once the gig was over i jumped on a bus back to my place until my next show that night at 9pm.

That evening took a taxi back down to the venue. Showed up to the Bull and Gate and spent most of my time in the green room. It was extremely humid in the room. That can be a problem for violinists at times because the moisture can change the instrument. That night my set was a little short just because I wasn't too happy with the sound.

Day 2 of the Camden Crawl I was allowed to sleep a little longer than I did the previous day. First show wasn't until 5pm. When I showed up to the Proud Galleries the band on stage was finishing up. Managed to track down the sound guy and for the most part everyone pronounced my name correctly. 
 The stage was curated by Levi's. Before I played there a quick Q&A on stage were I was asked about the instrumentation of my songs and things about SXSW.

The show was filmed by videographers hired to cover the event so look out for the footage. A lot of the people that were at the St, Giles and The Field gig were also at the Proud Galleries listening to me play. There also some fans that had heard me play back in Manchester when I was on tour with Clare. Wish I would had more time to talk to them. 

After the gig there was a moment dedicated to shaking hands and listening to various individual's experiences regarding the show. Next, I was swept off to the Levi's clothing room were they had free clothes to give away to the performers. I didn't really want to try anything on, but I was coaxed into  doing so. Next were some photographs with the Levi's photographer in the next room. He was really keen on getting the right shot. LOL. I think the photo turned out alright. 

After that whole crazy thing calmed down I was asked to yet another interview and also has a conversation about possibly doing a short movie. Waited around at Proud Galleries and had a bite to eat.  Walked over to the Jazz Cafe were my last gig was scheduled. At the venue lots of my friends showed up and it turns out that a handful of people in the audience came specifically to the show to hear me play. FOund that to be totally unexpected. That night during my set I played "White Sails" since it was the last show I would be playing for the Camden Crawl this year. The stage was curated by RWD Magazine.

So glad to have had the opportunity to play the Camden Crawl. Each gig was better than the last and I also had the chance to play at the JAzz Cafe, something i had not done up until now. Hopefully this time next year I'll have a headlining slot at the venue.  

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