Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Last night's dream

Last night I dreamt that I was Steven Tyler. It was probably because I watched about 5 episodes of American Idol yesterday.  In the dream I was transported into someone else's body. The plot began with a car trip and I was behind the steering wheel. The passenger's in the car were Kate Moss, my brother( who was kate Moss?), and a few other characters I can't recall.

The plan was to drive down to the boardwalk from Ormond to the one in Daytona Beach. I was frustrated because everyone else in the car thought it wouldn't take long to get to boardwalk on foot. I knew that it would take longer so decided to take the car. I was trying to make a right and turn in the car but it seemed impossible because no one would let me merge into to traffic. As a result we sat that for what felt like forever. Later on the dream there's a was an idea to stop of at this old guys house that owed one of the passengers in the car some money. Keep in mind that at this part of the dream i'm not Steven Tyler yet. As we approach the door the older guy behinds me presses the door bell.  While ringing the bell the guy behind me tells me not to worry because I am the grandson of some guy.
Within the dream I felt a lost of identity because whenever i would l see my reflection in things it wouldn't be my face.

Waiting at the door and old woman answers.  I ask if the gentlemen is home but she hesitates to answer. Directly behind here I could see the man. he was only  a few feet behind her witha bath towel almost falling of his thigh as we walks up the stairs. She shrugs her shoulders and says that he's not home. By this time Kate and my brother get out the car and have barged inside. Throughout the change of events and altercation develops with the the the older gentlemen. Observing the whole thing it seems as though we weren't there to pick up money owed, as I was believed to think.

The couples who's house we visited also had a little white lap dog that ran after me in a viscous pursuit.  In the yard the  white petit dog leapt after me with gravity defying effortlessness. There was a sense of urgency about the entire altercation. There came a point when the setting of the story changed and all the passengers from the car were now transformed into various members of Aerosmith.We were at a college dorm and were looking for some girl. I'd go as far to say a daughter, perhaps. The dormitory was  bizarre. The staircases were ascending and stop abruptly with no possible way of  getting to the girl.

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