Saturday, 2 July 2011

XOYO to Bliss Field's Festival completed!

After the Brighton gig at The Komedia, I played the XOYO in London. The place was a little hard to find, but I suppose you are on the scene a lot the location of the venue is prime location. For me it was a little bit off the beaten path. Showed up to find Vetiver and the Tree Top Flyers had began making themselves comfortable. The venue had new and familiar faces.Introduced myself to the promoter and sound engineer for the night.  The sound guy and I had worked together at a previous London gig, but I couldn't honestly remember. He did resemble Susan Mayer's husband from the ABC comedy-drama series Desperate House Wives.
(Street shot of XOYO)

During my set I played songs off the Ep followed by tunes from my past present and future. I opened the show with 'Try Your Best', a song I play on glockenspiel and violin at times. I'm looking forward  headlining at the The Tabernacle in September because then I'll have full band. Expecting to put together a hand full of artists to be apart of the ensemble. There's also talks of taking an ensemble to the Latitude and Truck Festivals this month. If any of you music goers are in the area around for any of the Festivals you can expect to witness something special.  Click here for more info about the Latitude and Truck Festival

One of the most surprising moments happened later that night at the merch table. 
 I was surprised to see Desmond and Patrick, two friends from Florida standing near the edge of where I was selling my records. During my brief 2 years at University, Desmond and I were students at Stetson University's music department. Pat and I met of campus through music buddies and the crew that played regularly at the Cafe Davinci. Because it had been such a long time since my last London gig I was delighted to have friends Will Cameron A.K.A. Glow Hearts, Emile Lucienne, Forest T, and Lucy Mason there. I was also surprised to find out that I had to fans travel all the way from Rome to the gig that night! All in all the show fly. My booking agent from CAA, Emma Banks was in attendance. Ema is like the Queen B when it to the realm of Booking Agents. I'll just say she's the booking agent to the STARS, Anyways I was told home girl was in the audience rocking out to the songs. Flattering. Thanks for coming to the gig Ms. Banks, it means a lot! After the show was over the bouncers tried to scurry us all out. 
(Cafe Davinci Deland, Fl)

Afterwards, we all went to the flat to talk and hang. By the time we arrived to my place the sun was starting to rise. The idea to have Pat and Desmond play the Bliss Field's Festival came up and we all dug the sound of that. We quickly made a plan to rehearse the next morning with double bass and melodica. Friday was the day of the Festival and we managed to make it work. We played in a hand full of songs together and set off for London.

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