Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I saw it as...

The night of the Fleche D'or gig in Paris included Theme Park, FRIENDS,and myslef.
The evening was in fact a night of friends. Long lost friends. Sammy the lead singer of friends caught me off guard in a honest way. Back when I first arrived in Brooklyn I befriended Sammy and at the time she was attending art school. Years later at a gig in Paris I come to find FRIENDS headlining the gig The Guys at Coop put together. It was as is gazing into the future mirror.  We were both elated to see one another and at the same time shit cold and tired. By the end of the night we sat on a couch at the bar next door looked at one another with eyes of wishing.

During Theme Parks soundcheck I went off to Père Lachaise for an interview with Konbini.

Here's a link to the band FRIENDS.

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