Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The average day for you is not the average day for me.

     Having recently wrapped my fingers around Sonata I in g minor, all I must do now is work on memorizing it. I can already feel lyrics sprouting, but before I dive into molding words I must focus on the colors within the sonata. Every now and I then I am reminded of the sounds of the symphony. There's something about the tone of a full string a section that sparks a magic and life. Wish I could describe it better than I am. I know I'm not alone in my thoughts when it comes to this particular matter. By colleagues in New York could probably elaborate on the topic, I'm sure.

Back in Brooklyn I'm mostly in my own creative colony/world. Talking music with cellist, Clara Kennedy or working alongside budding composer, Joseph Reuben take up parts of my day. I was first introduced to Clara via Scott Mathew while working on his record. Actually it could have been on Bedford while Scotty and company were having frozen margaritas during happy hour. Yeah, that's  what happened. That was same day I met Timmy Mislock. 

Joseph Reuben and I met via William Carol Cameron and David R. (of which I have blogged about). Joe's creative work speaks volumes. He is able to be so multifunctional as an artist. He paints,draws,composes,and sings. Whenever in Williamsburgh I swing by the the Rueben's headquarters catch up. Currently, Joseph is working on a few pieces for audio books. When he's not making the d'argent he's composing his own works. You can feel the many influences tumbling around in his mind. The works of Joe Reuben are melodious and also coated in sharp and bright dynamic markings. At the moment I'm working out a few bowings for a piece composed by Mr. Reuben.
                           Joeseph Reuben

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