Wednesday, 31 March 2010

White Sails

I was just a little boy swimming in the ocean
My past mistakes and future joys
I don't think I can swim this on my own
Swim this on my own, Swim this on my own.

Destiny fall down
Wipe away my past mistakes
The sun ain't shinin now

I don't think I can make this place my home
Make this place my home, Make this place my home.

Send by me from your voice to my ears, to my ears
Send my me from your voice to me ears.

If I abide to your will
Shall I never have no pain
Will I never have no pain.

I"m tired but my body's hungry
Lay me by the riverside so I can die.

Please be still, cause I'm complacent here
Lying by the riverside,lying by the riverside.

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