Sunday, 28 March 2010

The God of Love Locks the Lover's Heart

You've set within it such a garrison
That by them it guarded well and ruled.
Moreover, if you still have doubts, then lock
My heart and carry off the key in pawn."
                                 The GOD Of LOVE                                                                                                                             
    "Now, by my head, that's not unreasonable."
Responded Love. " I will agree to that.
Who has the heart within his power is lord
Of all the body. More to ask were harsh."
Then from his purse he took a little key
Made of refined gold. "With this," he said,
"I'll lock your heart, and ask no other pledge.
Under this key's protection are my gems.
I call it mistress of my treasury.
Though smaller than your little finger tip,
It has a mighty power." He touched my side
And locked my heart so gently that I scarce 
Could fell the turning of the key that made it fast.

-Guillaume De Lorris

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