Saturday, 27 March 2010

They Say Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

As the sun rises I am unable to sleep. My days have become blurred. Recently, I have been traveling from New York to London. I've done this trip a few times by now, but the jet lag never seems to ease up.In between I've managed to record a live performance of a new composition entitled, Real Charter Magic. David King Reuben was behind the camera for the shoot.

King Reuben is a creative soul living in Williamburgh. He and I are apart family of artists in the Burgh. David is a director of film. His films are not his only form a expressing himself. He is a complex, yet expressive visual artist.

The past week in New York was filled with practicing for the Zebulon gig, filming with David Reuben, taken photo's at CULT Studios, and playing a secret show in Greenpoint thanks to Victor. With those items on my plate the warmth of the sun still allowed for particular days spent at the park with Pierce,Mallory,and The Reuben Brothers.

Photo: Pierce Taylor

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