Friday, 23 April 2010

Today's session with Nitin Sawhney

Recorded with Nitin Sawhney. Showed up with my violin and autoharp. Was my first session with Nitin and to be honest I didn't know what to expect.T'was pleased with our collaborative efforts. There was no strict planning prior to our meeting so that we may discuss what ground we would cover. It was more of a free flowing experiment that produced a fruitful yield.

Walking into The Dairy (music studio) I was warmed by the bright sun and the picturesque scene of tall white wooden doors displaying the entrance to the studio.  Since I arrived a bit early I spent the extra time exploring the space and also attempting to sort out my manuscript paper.

The space we recorded in was spacious and not at all cramped. Once Nitin arrived he immediately made it known that he was a fan of the song writer I produced and I also thanked him for setting aside time for today's session. It had not taken us long to decided on building a new song from scratch. The chord structure was solely Nitin's doing. I assisted with lyrics and the vocal arrangement.We took turns formulating lyrics for the song with very fews toilet breaks in between. Had the opportunity to have Jerk chicken. From what I was told Brickston is the place for jerk chicken. The Cats at Studio 1 called today Jerk Friday. The cuisine of the day wasn't the only impressive moment.

I had known about bits and pieces of Nitin's work and understood why his work served as an influential voice within the musical community. Mr.Sawheny has written countless scores for the BBC and Channel 4 TV, has collaborated with Paul McCartney and STING, and the recipient of MOBO/EMMA Awards.

I was impressed by how easily he could play the piano, guitar and bass. He would n't play traditional POP induced progression. I enjoyed the threoy he put into the musical lines.So many varying alternatives were produced from his hands. Nitin would pick up the guitar and finish the exact phrase he started on piano. There was a point were I made this descending rift and Nitin's ear fished out the passage quick fast and nearly in a hurry. The track we worked on features me singing the lyrics we birthed today on Jerk Friday. Stay posted because there's a good chance the finish product may appear on Nitin's up coming record. Possibly.?!

-Marques Toliver

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