Tuesday, 14 December 2010

On a train to Manchester

On my second glass of wine, sitting with friends on the Virgin Train, ears are popping from the change of air pressure. The crew walks around collecting rubbish and Daisy just downloaded Goggle Chrome. The atmosphere outside resembles the realm of Sleepy Hollow. Headed to Manchester for the day and Daisy is going to Dj. Last night I played a gig at Buffalo Bar with Monument Valley. The guys in that band are amazing, to say the least. I was under the impression that Monument Valley would be headlining last's show, since I haven't really developed a large following yet, but I was wrong. The instrumentation for Monument Valley's consisted of cello and guitar. i loved the music. Listening to them on stage made me really realize that I want to have a cellist on stage. The cello is so strong when played correctly and last night it was definitely played remarkably.

After the night's performance a few people expressed their enthusiasm in regards to the music and I jetted of to SAVOY to dance the night away with DucksFlyMoon and Daisy L. Daisy was djing but she forgot her cds, LOL. Wer stayed out until 3am and next day we took a train to Manchester for another Daisy Lowe Dj set w/ CDs in hand.

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