Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wednesday was Manchester


Spent Tuesday night drinking Balinis,French Martini's, and an assortment of other tini drinks. Didn't know that I was attending a Mulberry store launch until the train ride wasover. The only reason I was there was thanks to D. Lowe invited me and DucksFlyMoon to travel with her. On the train we talked about the X factor and looked at Rihanna's performance on the show.There was a unanimous decision about how in shape Rihanna is in. Home girl is fit. From that moment the theme of the night was, Oh Nah Nah What's My Name.  Before we knew it the train had arrived in the station. On the way to the hotel I was stunned to see Ellie Golding walking next to me. We talked about how not smoking totally helps singers build performance endurance. Totally didn't realize she was on the train with us.  

Afterwards,  the gang did the hair and make-up thing, showered, and selected Mulberry bags to wear to the opening. Walking out of the elevator into the lobby there were 2 Mercedes vans waiting to take us to the Mulberry gathering. Sunday Girl was the musical entertainment for the event, she's been supporting Ellie on the road. Ellie and I became annoyed at the other people attending the event because they weren't paying any attention to the musician. I tried my best to encourage Sunday Girl, but you couldn't hear the guitar and the vocals were muffled. You could totally tell the sound guy was not paying attention to what was going on. After the performance, Ellie played an impromptu Guns and Roses song.While she played Daisy, DucksFlyMoon, myself, and Kirsty took photos in the photo booth.
(Sunday Girl)


Once the Mulberry event finished we all went for diner at an italian restaurant. While inside the taxi we sang more of Rihanna's song ,Oh Na Na, What's My Name, with helium in our lungs. At diner we ordered lots to eat and many more things to drink. Daisy drank water, DucksFlyMoon and I consumed an assortment of wines and martini's. Because we were all enjoying ourselves so much I suggested to everyone at the table that we have a jam session back at the hotel. Ellie asked me what it was I played and at that moment one of the managers at the table excitedly said, "He plays the violin." Ellie then stopped and thought back in her mind as to where she had seen me. Then it clicked for her, "Your the violinist that was.... OMG! At that moment I tried not to fell embarrassed, but there really was no need. I was the least famous of the glamours UK stars at the diner table.LOL. Alas, it is nice to get noticed by someone like Ellie Goulding.

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