Thursday, 3 March 2011

Magcial Musician: Lianne La Havas

I was first introduced to this magical creature back when I played a gig for Blue Flowers. Lianne was on stage sound checking and at that moment I totally felt as though we were on the same page. Didn't have time to actually listen to her live set because I had to get into the zone before I played. Since then I've had plenty of moments to listen the young siren live. True inspiration is what La Havas fosters. After our first introduction to one another at the Blue Flowers gig we have managed to stay in touch. Recently we put together a house show at her flat. Wish I had pics to show, but that not so important. What is importan is that you listen to the creations from my home girl's creations.

Lianne and I have recorded a few tracks together and I'm sure there's more to come. Below is a link to Lianne's compositions.
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