Monday, 7 March 2011

Pre order my Ep" Butterflies Are Not Free"

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen you can
pre-order my Ep entitled "Butterflies Are Not Free" by clicking on the link below. It has been a long time coming and finally I have a recorded body of work to share with the world. There's plenty more melodies written, but for now you can have a listen to "Butterflies Are Not Free". The album is compiled of four major songs with string interludes arranged by, yours truly. 

The entire Ep was recorded at home. Well, actually it was recorded downstairs in my neighbor's flat.We used one mic to record my vocals and the everything else. the string parts were written, arranged, and played by moi. I don't remember the name of the type of mic we used, but that's not really important.The intro to the Ep was in fact recorded on my laptop and everything else was done at Arnar's.  I would like to give a big thank you to my Icelandic homeboy Arnar Olafsson for sitting behind the mixing board and assisting Also, and extra thank you to Logic pro for assisting with the intricate percussion scattered within the EP. For those of you that don't know, E.p. is short for extended play. A full length album (which I'm focusing on now) is called long play.

The albums name came about years ago when I first started writing songs. I always knew I would use the name. Kind of like when boys and girls pick out the names for their children way before they themselves have even gone through puberty. LOL

The title track for the Ep will hit the airwaves this week. I had some assistant with backing vocals with help from Sif Agustdottir. The Ep will be be released in America, U.K, and Europe,Australia and Japan. Keep your ears open for more news. By the way headover to St. Giles in the Fields on the 7th of April to hear the songs with full band.

St Giles in the Fields Church

60 St Giles High Street 

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