Monday, 18 July 2011

Completed my 3 day support tour with Wild Beasts!

The tour took place in America. The plane landed in Philadelphia and as soon as I walked of the aircraft I could instantly feel the vast temperature change compared to London. Philly was so hot and humid, felt like Floridian heat. Jumped on a train to take me to Rittenhouse Square were I met up with Alyssa. Crashed at Alyssa during my one in a half day stay. The following day I did an interview/performance with WXPN Radio. That session was recorded in a studio. The auto harp was plugged in for the set but I  opted to let the violin sing out naturally with amplification coming only from my vocal mic. The interview should hit the air ways and internet in the upcoming months. Next on the list was to do a sound check and play the show at The World Cafe. As for the my performance that night I felt as if it was a 3 on scale from 1 to 5. 

After the show, managed to set aside some time to work and jam with local Philly artist, Jamil Kayin. He makes music and rides a mean bike. Here's a link to his music.

The next morning I toke the Megabus to New York City and the first place I visited was good old Brooklyn. Met up with friends in Williamsburg and made my way over to Le Poisson Rogue for soundcheck.While in New York I played Le Poisson Rogue 2 nights in a row. The performance was also streamed live on the venues website. On the night of the first New York gig friends from high school traveled from DC and Charlottesville, Virginia.

There were only three dates for me to play with the band because I play the Latitude Festival in the UK July 17.

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